More of the same

More glass today ... second lot aft of bulkhead 7 and the port side of the compartment forward of bulkhead 7. The fillets in the bow (forward of bulkhead 1) are complete and ready for glass tape and cloth.

Hull cont.

A little progress today. I put strips of fibre-glass tape over the fillet between transom and side panel and put down the first bit of glass cloth on the bottom panels. I fitted and glued down the cleats for the floor-boards onto bulkhead 7 and 8. Lastly, I got the long fillets done between the … Continue reading Hull cont.


The transom is glued in. Before the actual gluing, I fixed the transom with a few screws to the boat so that I could mark the cutout for the tiller. While back on the bench, I cut the hole with the jig-saw and then used the router to chamfer the inside edges. Then I applied … Continue reading Transom


The first fillets are done. Applying the epoxy with a "pastry bag" (zip-lock sandwich bags with a corner cut off) works very well. I made a filleting tool out of a stainless steel paint scraper by cutting it into shape with a pair of snips and sanding the radius smooth. The radius needs to be … Continue reading Filleting