Plywood is being cut

I picked up the Hoop Pine for the mast from Denman Marine in Kettering, and watched some of Kermadec’s plywood (the forward sides) being cut. I will be picking up the lot next week. The Hoop Pine is just beautiful, not a single knot, straight grain – thanks John for picking and dressing it.

Cutting_1 Cutting_2

Meanwhile … the bowsprit has been shaped and sanded. All done, except for the chamfering. I am waiting for my router bit to arrive. The first two sticks of 2-1/4 x 3/4 Celery Top for the boom are glued together. I am using 3 planks of 3/4″, each with a scarf along the 3.6m length, and the scarfs are placed at a reasonable distance from each other.


Things are curing very slowly, because of the low temperatures. By tomorrow it should be ok to glue on the third bit.

Interestingly, the density of the Celery Top Pine for the boom is 740 kg/m^3, the Hoop Pine for the mast is 612 kg/m^3. These are the actual densities, determined using quite accurate scales. Both of the density values are approx. 10% higher than typically specified for these timbers. Celery Top may be a bit heavy to use for the gaff …