The last of the timber

The  last bits of timber for the boat are now sourced. The Celery Top for the sprit, gaff and boom has been cut to size and dressed. Today I also procured some Silver Wattle  (Acacia dealbata) for cleats, blocking and the keel. This timber is not quite as dark as the better known Blackwood (A. melanoxylon). Wattle is a relatively lightweight hardwood and will certainly do better than pine. For the cleats, I ripped a few 2.6m lengths of 19 x 45  down to 19 x 24 with the circular saw, which went much better than I expected. The 19 x 19 ‘off cuts’ are strong enough to be used as cleats in ‘less critical’ locations. Some cleats really only hold things in place while the epoxy fillets cure. The keel and the few pieces of 25 x 50 blocking that are required, can be made from some 19 x 45 (keel) and 25 x 25 (blocking).

Silver Wattle grows locally in abundance, and it is quite affordable. Clear, dry, fine-sawn Silver Wattle from the local saw mill turns out to be a lot less than the same size sticks of pine (P. crapiata) in the ‘big store’.


Silver Wattle is actually very showy – people use to it make furniture. Unfortunately, none of it will be visible, at least not in a bright finish.