All shiny Plyak deck

The Plyak has a had a couple of coats of gloss external finish (PU), and it looks pretty ok already. A third coat should really do the trick. I don’t think I can paint the hull for a while. I want to use an oil-based enamel that dries very hard, but it is too cold for it now.

IMG_0421   IMG_0422

Unfortunately, not much is happening on the PocketShip. The Hoop Pine for the mast has been ordered, and I will be picking through some Celery Top this week (bow-sprit, boom and gaff). I am sure that I will find some suitable lengths (straight, clean and light) for laminating. I prefer laminated spars, because they are stronger and “dimensional stable” – they don’t warp. Due the additional strength they can be made a little bit slimmer to offset the slight weight increase caused by all the glue.

Other than that, I am annotating the PocketShip construction manual. There are many things that can make things easier, if done at the right time. The PocketShip forum is a great source of information from many of the other builders.

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