Spending money

I have ordered the CNC cut plywood kit from Denman Marine in Kettering, and we picked over a pallet of Celery Top Pine for floor boards at one of the local timber suppliers. We selected  about 40 m of 3″ wide pieces, straight and free of major knots. The  lengths vary from 2.8 m down to a about 1.6 m. The timber will be dressed to 70 mm x 18 mm, and it should be ready mid next week. I will also pick up some more Celery Top pieces for the bow-sprit. Four 2-1/2″ x 3/4″ lengths glued up will be very strong indeed.

The floor boards will be 5 mm narrower than specified in the plan, but that will be fine. In fact, it might just work out, that the outside floorboards will end up full width with the appropriate adjustment of the gaps between the boards. We’ll see …

And … 60 kg of clean(-ish) lead flashing will be waiting for me at the metal recycling yard in Hobart. This is destined for the keel and center-board. If the melting down works out well, I will get some more lead later to cast ingots that fit into the spaces under the floor boards ( another 100 kg ? ). While I like the idea of using shot in bags as internal ballast, the only source of lead shot I could find was a bit too expensive ( A$4.00 / kg of dirty shot + A$ 300.00 to get it to Hobart ).

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