The first bit of PocketShip.

I have cut up a piece of 19 mm x 140 mm x 1,800 mm pine and glued it back together again. After cleaning up, I have now a solid piece of 2-1/4 x 4-3/4 x 18 as required for the nose of the keel. Working in feet/inches and in meters/millimeters is ‘interesting’.


The other project is going along nicely. The deck is waiting for some gloss. The interior needs a bit more epoxy mud around the watertight bulkheads and a couple of coats of epoxy to seal the plywood. The rudder and the seat, a simple piece of plywood, are ready for final installation. The rudder is fixed to the boat with a rod running through some eye-bolts – this is just like the system on the PocketShip. The rudder will only be used under sail …


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