Decision have been made

The process of sourcing timber has begun. The floor boards and bow-sprit will be of Celery Top Pine ( Phyllocladus Asplenifolius ), all other visible bits will be made from Tasmanian Oak ( Eucalyptus Obliqua ). Tassie Oak is a bit heavier ( 650 kg/m^3 ) than the timbers suggested by the designer ( spruce, fir, pine ), but that will be ok – there is not that much of it anyway, and I will have some ‘credit’, because the boom-gallows will be omitted.

to  Tasmanian Oak

ct  Celery Top Pine

There are, of course, one or two exceptions. Firstly, the timber(s) for the spars have not yet been  determined, although strong contenders are Celery Top and Hoop Pine ( Araucaria Cunninghamii ). Hoop Pine is not a Tasmanian timber, but it is supposedly very good for the mast, boom and gaff – we’ll see.

hoop  Hoop Pine

Secondly, the tiller will be a different kind of beast. It will be fabricated ( laminated ) from Huon Pine ( Lagarostrobos franklinii ) with a partial core made from hardwood ( Tassie Oak ). A tiller simply carved from a chunk of Huon Pine won’t be strong enough. The design and construction is quite clear in  my head … it will be quite nice ( I hope ).

hp  Huon Pine

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