Study plans … decisions.

Minor issue: the PocketShip will not fit through the door of the shed. The roller door is 2 m (80″) high – so the boat sitting on a trailer won’t fit through. The shed ceiling is 2.5 m (99″) high, so building in there is no problem. Either the tabernacle of the boat will have to be made removable, or, the roller door needs to to be replaced with a door giving the full shed height. That is possible with a big door hanging on a track. The boat’s boom gallows will not cause any problems, because there won’t be one – a topping lift will do.

The removable tabernacle is obviously the cheaper option, but it will be more of a hassle setting the boat up for sailing. It depends, of course, how often the boat will be moved in and out of the shed.

What kind of timber for the floorboards and all the other things that are visible ? Pine perhaps – what sort ? King Billy or Huon Pine – unfortunately out of reach ($$$). Maybe Tassie Oak, an easy workable hard wood, which comes up nicely with a bit of varnish. Most importantly, it is readily available around here from all the big discount hardware establishments in all sorts of sizes and lengths DAR. The light coloured Celery Top is very beautiful and quite affordable. Sassafras, nope, too soft and to ‘crafty’ … decisions, decisions, decisions … definitely only Tasmanian timbers though.

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