It started with this …

The idea to build a bigger boat is the result of the current project. The highly modified Playak is a little 11′ 4″ kayak/canoe, and it is almost done. It is a ply over frame design from way back. The plan ( quite inaccurate, actually ) is freely available on the web, just search for ‘Plyak‘. The only changes to the design are that the rear deck is now flat, and that the front deck covers the front of the cockpit. I modified the construction method by replacing the original specified nail/screw/wood-glue combo with epoxy glue ( and 4 screws ), taped seams and epoxy sealed panels.


Also, instead of plywood decks, I used some 6 mm Celery Top Pine and Blackwood, both local Tasmanian timbers.



Since the last pictures was taken, the gunwale has been cleaned up, glassed and the outside is now ready for some paint. A few fillets and water proofing on the inside, and it will be ready for launching.

The little hole on the front deck? That is the location where the short mast will go. I am thinking of a 2.5 sqm balanced lug, a rudder ( already built ), and a hang-over-the-side lee board. I will definitely end up in the drink a few times trying to sail this thing.

I think this the perfect little project to gain the skills needed for the big project.

Why a PocketShip ? There are some  requirements that have to be met: The boat must be trailerable. The boat must be small enough to be built in a 6m x 6m shed. The boat has to be seaworthy. The boat must be able to be sailed single handed. The boat must perform under sail. The boat must have ( rudimentary ) accomodation for two. The boat must be able to carry four on an afternoon sail on the river. The boat’s design has to be proven. The method of construction has to be simple and the build has to be affordable. The boat has to look nice … a classic gaff rig.


The PocketShip came out on top of the list of ‘applicants’.

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