Constructing a Playboy in Port Huon … a blog


Port Huon is a small settlement on the Huon River in Southern Tasmania – see map below. For those who aren’t familiar with Tasmania’s whereabouts: it is an island to the south of Australia. Yes, people live here … and yes, we have electricity and fast internet. Port Huon is also the home of the Huon Yacht Club (HYC) at Shipwrights Point. Many years ago Shipwrights Point was the place where regattas took place. These photos are from around 1910.




A vast area of protected waters can be explored from Port Huon. Upstream, the river is navigable to the Huonville road bridge, depending on your boat, of course. That part of the river, especially past Franklin, is not very deep.

At Hospital Bay (Port Huon) and downstream (picture on top), the Huon River is deep (10 meters+) and it is almost a mile wide. In days gone by, ocean-going freighters used to load timber and apples in Port Huon (pictures below). Tasmania is known as the Apple Isle. The port facilities are used these days by companies involved in salmon farming.


The river runs from Port Huon for some 15 nm to the south-east and forms part of the ‘The Channel‘, the waterway behind Bruny Island. This channel is some 30 nm long, and it leads in the north to the River Derwent and the state’s capital Hobart (a further 10 nm up the Derwent).


To the South of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel we come to the Southern Ocean. There are some areas along the coast that can be reached easily with a small sail boat, but the conditions will have to be right. Past the South-East Cape, along Tasmania’s southern coast, the conditions will have to be very right …